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Bye, bye  - and see you again in 22/23


Cruel awakening!!
Only some months ago
, we all tried to keep looking forward into a promissing post-corona time,
and then had to face a next monster, sitting in the Kremlin and threatening with violence and crime
not only a peaceful country and his people, but all of us!!

Let's support with whatever we can  the country, the people and especially the artists,
who lost their personal and cultural home -
and the families and friends of those - not only a few - who lost their lives.

And let's work together to fight this new monster and establish a POST-PUTIN time - which must inevitably arise at the horizon!

Try to enjoy your summer break as much as possible!

In July  2022 - cordially your's





In 2022, Prosseda will catch up his recording of contemporary Italian piano works with the London Philharmonic Orchestra, canclled in 2021.

Other good news is, that Prosseda has now finished his big Mozart Project by recording 3 more CDs with all of Mozart's Piano variations and a 4th CD with 'Klavierstücke'.
These recordings will complete the already existing 6 recordings with Mozart's piano sonatas.
DECCA will soon publish in a box with 10 CDs an edition of  Mozart's Complete Piano Works performed by Prosseda.

Already on July 2nd 2021, Universal/DECCA published Prosseda's recording of  Ennio Morricone's Piano Works including Morricone's original transcriptions of several of his film soundtracks to mark  the anniversary of Morricone's death on July 6th.
"Leggenda del Pianista sull' Oceanoand "indagine su un Cittadino al di sopra di ogni Sospetto"

But, such an inventive artist with great online affinity has also quite a bit to do
beyond concert stages - even in Corona-times.
Joining many of his colleagues around the world,  Prosseda performed a series of streamed concerts and strengthened and extended his new online series entitled "The Professional Pianist", already started in February, in the frame of which he regularly publishes short videos demonstrating on the piano different aspects of the pianistic work, which he considers interesting and important.




Lombardi profited from the Corona stop to focus a quite broad spectrum of projects:

On June 28, after having been postponed several times due to Corona, the world premiere of Lombardi's piece " Josquin Desprez & Leonardo da Vinci in Berlin" commissioned by the Max-Planck-Institut for it's exposition "Leonrado's Intellectaul Cosmos" could finally take place in Berlin - LIVE, but unfortunately in front of a still sensiblly reduced audience.

And he finished a  new compositon
for Sir Andras Schiff commissioned by Klavierfestival Ruhr:
"Novembernacht"  will be premiered in June 2023 in the frame of the Klavierfestival.

Likewise, another commission for a Chamber music piece commissioned by an orchestra in Japan is expected to be premiered in June 2023.

Finally, he returned to work upon his current opera project, which he had to let aside for a while due to other commissions:
"OFER - Till the end of the land", the libretto of which is based upon the novel by Man Booker-Prize winner David Grossmann.

There are also several projects for new commissions,
among them a new concert and a new Chamber Music work for 2023.

Finally,  in view the climate change problem,  he's planning to complement his compositions "Terra" and "Mare" by "Vento" and "Sole" to become a 'Symphony of Elements'.


With, his 2 concerts in the frame of the Georges Enescu Festival  on September 3 +5. 2021, Shlomo Mintz could  be experienced on important European podiums.
Accompaied by the Royal Camarata, he performed Piazzolas "Four Seasons" in the beautiful hall of the Atheneum .

And his concert with
 Würth Philharmonics, originally planned for May 15, 2021 but cancelled due to the Corona restrictions,  will be realized on  Oktober 22, 2022! Shlomo Mintz will perform the Violin Concerto by Dvorak.


      Video footage for all film concerts

      Info Silent movies from Japan
Also Buchwald's film concerts, mostly with him conducting great symphony orchestras his own music, which hade been cancelled or postponed will take place in 2022/23.

As for example the screening of the spectacular French Silent movie "Casanova" with Buchwald's
new music.
which took place in automn 2022
Le Giornate del Cinema Muto / Festival Lumière).

Corona, however, was completely innocent of the cancellation of a projected performance in Moscow in Mai/June 2022 - the reasons for that are regrettably obvious...

For 2022, premieres of CASANOVA concerts are discussed in the US and Scandinavia.
Likewise,  the long expected production of a
DVD/Bluray of  a restored and completed version of "Casanova" with Buchwald's music by the Cinémathèque Francaise is programmed for automn 2022.

In the meantime, Buchwald has launched conducting a mimi series with films by Chaplin.

Finally, his concerts in the frame of the San Francisco SILENT Filmfestival cancelled in 2021 took place in May 2022.

Buchwald has also profited from his forced 'time out' to work upon an arrangenment of Bizet's "L'Arlesienne" to be recorded with Octuor de France, and a compilation of "Carmen" to be performed with the Orchestre Philharmonique de Bruxelles.

And finally, on August 6 2022, he will conduct the Octuor de France for the world premiere of the chamber version of his original music for "Nosferatu" by Murnau.

DVD-Democopies of Buchwalds film concerts with Murnaus "Nosferatu" and "Faust", the Hollywood production "The Wind" and the Japanese silent movies "Sumiko" and "Express 300 Miles" are available.




The world premiere of an orchestra version of the original soundtrack Betty initially composed for Giora Feidman and the Arditti String Quartet to accompany the screening of the famous German silent Movie  "Der Golem", was the only LIVE event taking place and presented on the legendary "Potemkin Steps" in the frame the only digitally organized Int. Odessa Film Festival/Ukraine.
Following  the press echoes, it was a 'magic

Olivero's current commissions include a work for the Boulez Ensemble, upon which she is working on behalf of Daniel Barenboim.



Music  written for the ThdS
Music from "Cds à ID"
"Haikus Sonores"

 "L'Ile d'Or", the new production of Théâtre du Soleil with once again Lemêtre's music was successfully premiered in the fall 2021.

- "dans des décors éblouissants, avec une humeur d'une subtilité rare, une vitalité contagieuse ... l'image démultipliée par la musique sublime de Jean Jacques Lemêtre...".

Whilst, in the Cartoucherie, a well-trained team of young musicians is now performing for "L'Ile d'or", Lemêtre himself has new musical horizons:
embarking on other musical journeys around the world for new encounters and experiences, projects and workshops and to share music and art - as soon and as far the darn Corona will allow.

Upon Lemêtre's work and music 2 new publications are available
 "Jouer avec la musique" a book upon his work with the Théâtre du Soleil has been published by Actes-Sud.
And a DVD with 4 films by Anne Lacombe upon his music,
"L'oeil et l'oreille"  has been released at Fortdecafe.