Artistic Encounters
International Cooperation

Why ...

Aside the artist's talent and inspiration,
 all art needs hard and persistent daily work in organisation, administration and marketing complemented by a solid sens for reality,
to become reality..

That is why I comitted myself to work in various cultural fields
aiming to combine enthusiasm and sensibility for the artistic process with professional basic work.

In 1992, I decided to take advantage of my longtime experiences by creating my own agency and management company
...  ART WORKs Berlin.
As it was a personal concern for me to support - and to become part of - activities bringing together different cultures, religions and styles of art,
our  first concert tours were dedicated to the Jewish Klezmer Clarinet Giora Feidman
and had for objective to reinstall Jewish Culture in the new Federal States of former GDR after the fall of the wall.

Throughout the following years, ART WORKs became a worldwide acting agency and management engaged in different fields and styles of
 music, theatre, dance and film.

Aside activities of booking and coaching  international artists  and an intense cooperation with theatres, operas and orchestras public and privat institutions and companies,
ART WORKs was engaged in producing and promoting theatre projects and concert tours, CDs and film music.

Today, ART WORKs is booking a
selected line of soloists and composers, develops special projects
and is offering it's management services  to artists and organisations
by sharing a broad spectrum of professional competences grown in more than 30 years of work for art and artists.

So, let's work together:
we work, you work, ART WORKs ! 

Cordially –   Vera Giese

P.SBy the way, we owe the name and the slogan of our agency to Karl Valentin, the great Bavarian comedian who said :
"Art is beautiful, but needs a whole lot of work!"